Purrone is consistently stunning, venturing well beyond the fringe, yet with clear direction... spiky, humorous... will trigger coffee-spitting double takes!!!
— Jeff Potter, Downbeat Magazine, 2016



Tony Purrone; legendary electric guitar improviser with critical, over-the-top press reviews who is highly regarded by multiple generations of fans and musicians.


A naturally gifted guitarist heavily steeped in a wide range of styles including Jazz, Blues, Rhythm and Blues, Latin, African and Asian. A former exiled maverick that loves to lead and collaborate. Personality is better but ability is best!


Youthful maturity combined with 43 years of priceless experience alongside many Giants of Jazz in addition to diverse work as a leader, have enabled Purrone to almost secretly develop into a one-of-a-kind creature: a musician's musician, a guitar improviser like no other with composing/arranging, harmonic complexity, striking melodicism, wordplay/poetry and mentoring skills to reckon with.


Guitarist and co-conspirator Tony Purrone whose chops are so audacious throughout... his solos elicit howls of giddy laughter from grown six-string aficionados... his fretboard feats never fail to amaze...
— Bill Milkowski, Downbeat Magazine, 2015